The Next Food Revolution

Over 2,500 years ago, Hippocrates said All Disease Begins in the Gut.

Today we are again focusing on gut health.  The Next Food Revolution. The gut is now called our second brain because it’s so important to our physical and mental health.

We started Second Brain Foods to provide yummy plant based snacks made from prebiotic ancient grains which nourish your second brain, the gut.

The Next Food Revolution is here.  Come join us in our fight for gut health.  Be Good to Your Gut.

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Ancient Grains From Ancient Places

Second Brain Foods is an idea that has been percolating in our family for a long time.  When we moved to the US from Ethiopia, many things in life changed, but not our love for the yummy food we grew up eating — naturally made and nutritious, all from ancient grains like barley, teff and sorghum. We love sharing our food and countless friends convinced us to start a business.

We are thrilled to share these snacks with you and welcome you to our family 🙂

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Get the Full Picture

All of our snacks are made from prebiotic grains full of fiber. Prebiotics are what the friendly bacteria in our gut (probiotics) need to survive.

Gut health = prebiotics + probiotics!

Our Barley Crunch and Barley Bars come in lots of flavors and are the perfect on the go snack to eat at any time and any place.

So what are you waiting for?  Pop some yumminess in your mouth, savor the flavor, share with another.

Join the Revolution.  Be Good to Your Gut.


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